Master in Heritage Conservation

and Site Management




  • HCSM was established to address the acute lack of qualified personnel in the Egyptian and Arab cultural heritage sector. While proper management is necessary to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the MENA region, currently no integrative conservation and management strategies are applied in most of its countries. Proper management is also necessary to promote heritage sites as tourism destinations.
  • HCSM is a unique program in its setting and offers students the opportunity to spend a semester in one of the two partner universities. The partnership with Germany serves to transfer knowledge and to promote intercultural exchange. At Helwan University, HCSM also has a local track with a focus on Disaster and Risk Management of heritage sites.
  • HCSM graduates will be qualified to work in a broad range of heritage institutions in the private and public sector: government agencies, heritage organizations, museums, tourism agencies, private corporations, etc. As heritage consultants and managers, they may be employed to develop and implement conservation and management plans for archaeological or other cultural heritage sites.
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