Master in Heritage Conservation

and Site Management



Mission & Aims


HCSM Mission

  • The HCSM Program's mission is to educate students in the preservation of the built environment as part of a comprehensive idea of environmental, cultural, touristic and economic sustainability. The Program seeks to graduate professionals capable of leading and directing cultural heritage sites and centers; managing and improving scientific research; and enhancing the community role in protecting their cultural heritage.




  • Transfer knowledge and methodologies necessary for the administration and management of archaeological sites, which include the following academic fields: conservation strategies and methods, strategic  heritage management and planning, visitor management, presentation and interpretation.

  • Enhance the students' general leadership skills and good knowledge of the tourist sector.

  • Endow graduates with the specific knowledge and multidisciplinary skills required in the significance assessment, management and safeguarding of archaeological sites which is accomplished through the variety of the taught subjects.






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