Master in Heritage Conservation

and Site Management



Contact Us


HCSM Program Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Hosam Refai
  E-mail: programcoordinator.hcsm@hq.helwan.edu.eg


HCSM Program Marketing: Prof. Dr. Rania Dinana
  E-mail: marketing.hcsm@hq.helwan.edu.eg


HCSM Program Registrar: Prof. Dr. Rasha Metawi
  E-mail: registrar.hcsm@hq.helwan.edu.eg


HCSM Program Academic Adviser: Dr. Mona Raafat
 E-mail: academicadviser.hcsm@hq.helwan.edu.eg


HCSM Program Secretary: Mrs. Sabah Abd Alhakim Ibrahim

     E-mail: secretary.hcsm@hq.helwan.edu.eg


     Phone: 23628690 (Sundays/Mondays/Tuesdays between 09:00 am to 02:00 pm).


Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management - Helwan University
Address: 1, Abdel Aziz Al Soud Str., Manial, Orman - Post 12612, Cairo, Egypt
Telphone: 23628690
Website: www.heritage.edu.eg

Email: hcsm@hq.helwan.edu.eg 

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