HU-BTU First International Conference on Heritage Conservation and Site Management

"Heritage Tourism: Prospects and Challenges"

Luxor, 8-11 December 2013


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Accepted abstracts

We would like to thank all the colleagues who submitted abstracts to the Conference… We received many interesting and excellent abstracts which were read carefully by the Scientific Committee, but due to their big number, we selected only those in direct relation with the topic of the Conference…

We wish all the success to the other colleagues in their research and we encourage them to apply for our next Conference.


IMPORTANT to all accepted applicants : to confirm your participation, please fill the attached Participant's Data Form and send it by email before Saturday 12 October 2013 to:

                                                                     ·Prof. Hosam Refai Conference Coordinator :

                                                                    ·Ass. Prof. Rania Dinana Conference Assistant Coordinator :




Title of paper


Abdelkader Ababneh

Interpretive Media. Problems and Challenges at the Museum of Dar As Saraya in Jordan


Abu Elnasr E. Sobaih

Customer Perceptions of Hospitality Services in Egyptian Heritage Sites


Ahmed Nabil Abdul Aziz

Forgotten Heritage : Modern Historical Palaces of Cairo. Heliopolis Modern Renowned Palaces As A Case Study


Alexandra Skedzuhn-Safir

Documentaries Decoded


Ali Ghafir Saeid, Mohamed Safar Hasim

أثر السياحة على التراث الطبيعى و الثقافى الماليزى


Antoine Perez

De la réhabilitation historique à la question patrimoniale I. Amida/Diyarbakir (Turquie) : une cité méconnue dans l’antiquité


Ayman G. Abdel Tawab

The Challenges Facing the Interpretation of Indigenous Communities’ Heritage Values: the Case of Taos Pueblo in the United States of America


Bharat Rawat

Changunarayan. A World Heritage Site and Sustainability Tourism in Nepal


Charlène Cassier

D’un "Serapeum" à l’autre : visite aux bovidés sacrés de l’Égypte ancienne


Chinwe Juliana Abara

The Challenges of Safeguarding and Securing Cultural Heritage Materials during Violent Conflicts


Christophe Thiers

Karnak : restauration et mise en valeur du temple d’Amon-Rê. Bilan et perspectives


Dania El-Iraqi

The Role of Visitor Surveys and Other Visitor Management Assessment Tools in the Development of the Valley of the Queens’ Visitor Management and Site Interpretation Plan


Dganchew Leta

Potential and Challenges of Rock Art for Sustainable Tourism Development: The Case of Harar - Dire Dawa Region, Eastern Ethiopia


Doaa Kandil, Mona Abd Al-Badie

Mustafa Kamel Museum: The Revival of A Heritage in Neglect


Eloïse Noc

Nouvelles technologies : exemple du SIG sur le complexe de Djéser à Saqqâra


Eman Shokry Hesham

Social Impact in Historic Sites


Eva Battis, Nils M. Schinker

Preparing for World Heritage Tourism in Hellerau, Germany


Fatma Keshk, Sherouk Talaat, Yasser Elshayeb

Documentation of Cultural Heritage in South Sinai: The Case of Beit Hathor


Ghadir Khalifa Afifi Dardir

دار كسوة الكعبة الشريفة بالقاهرة "دراسة اثرية فنية"


Hamada Sadek

Microclimate and Tourism in Cultural Heritage


Hebatallah Ibrahim, Ibrahim Ibrahim

Prehistoric Desert Sites and Heritage Tourism. Nabta Playa As Case Study


Ibrahim A. A. Ibrahim

The Scattered Egyptian Heritage


Kokotou Konstantina

The Sustainable Development of A Traditional Settlement: The Case of Drakopoulata Settlement As A Model of Cultural, Economical & Tourist Viable Unit


Mahsa Bagheri, Paloma Guzmán, Ana Pereira Roders

The Tourism Sprawl in Historic Urban Areas: Querétaro As Case Study


Manal B. Hammad

The New Valley: A Revival of Heritage


Martine Assénat

De la réhabilitation historique à la question patrimoniale II. Mise en valeur et réhabilitation du centre ville de Diyarbakir


Matthias Knaut

Study Programs in Museum Management and Movable Heritage Preservation


Mehdi Pirhayati, Arasteh Mallakin, Abdollah Nasrollahi

Rural Heritage Tourism, Motivation of Sustainable Development. Case Study: Village of Abyane, Isfahan, Iran


Melanie Münzer

Qal´at al-Bahrain. Using Interpretive Techniques to Raise Awareness – A Case Study


Mirela Mulalic Handan

Pathways Of Mediaeval Sepulchral Art – The StećAks Of Bosnia And Herzegovina, Europe


Mohamed Hosam Ismail & Islam Assem Abdelkarim

تدهور ميدان المنشية بمدينة الاسكندرية وتأثيره على سياحة التراث


Mohammad Bagherian, João Sarmento

Planning Heritage Conservation in Isfahan, Iran: Case Study of Two Caravanserais


Mona M. Raafat El-Sayed

Ancient Egyptian Medicine Still in Practice


Mukesh Ranga, Priyanka Pradhan

Communications Technologies: Creating New Dimensions for Heritage Tourism Marketing


Musa Ayesh

The Socio-Cultural Factors and the Effectiveness of Interpretation of Archaeological Heritage in the Jordanian Context


Nahla Ossama, Nachwa Talaat

Preserving the Cultural Heritage through Manufucture of Handicrafts


Nashwa Samir El-Sherif Ibrahim, Abeer Amin Abd-Alwahab Mostafa

Heritage Routes As A Competitive Advantage to the Egyptian Cultural Tourism Product


Noha. M. Shalabi, Hanaa M. El-Behairy

The Legacy of the Ancient Egyptian Markets in the Contemporary Egyptian Daily Life. Heritage Approach


Osama Abdelhady

The Historical Virtual Tours & Urban Development for Tourist Areas


Pierre Zignani

The Contribution of the Understanding of the Pharaonic Construction Design in the Scenarios of Touristic Visitation


Rabah Behchachi, Hind Djmaouil

مقومات تنمية الصناعة السياحية الداخلية-دراسة حالة ولاية قسنطينة-الجزائر


Rania Taher Dinana

Utilizing Historical Palaces As Five Stars Hotels


Remah Y. Gharib

A Critique toward Policies of Urban Conservation in Egypt


Riham Arram

Le Caire islamique : site de patrimoine mondial. Problèmes et solutions


Salman Almahari

Management of Cultural Heritage in Bahrain


Seif Abou-Hussein, Dina El Gabry, Ibrahim Hamouda, Sameh Saad

Critical Success Factors in Heritage Tourism Management: Application on Heritage Tourism Sites in Greater Cairo Area


Seif Abou-Hussein, Sameh Saad

Accommodation Needs and Fit for Heritage Tourism Sites in Al-Hussein Area


Soha Mohamed Abd El-Wahab, Jermien Hussein Abd El-Kafy

Challenges Facing Coptic Heritage Tourism In Egypt. A Case Study : Wadi Feiran Area


Stéphane Pasquali

Pharaonic Remains reused in the Monuments of Islamic Cairo: A Suggestion for Highlighting A Little-Known Cultural Heritage for Touristic Development


Susann Harder

An Issue of Privacy: Tourism Development and the Circular Villages in Wendland, Germany


Tamer Magdy Eissa Fahim, Ahmed Ebeid Aly Hamed

التراث الغنائي في مصر القديمة بين الأصالة والتطور في العصر الحديث


Tokie Laotan-Brown

Improving Educational Architectural Studies on the Preservation and Maintenance of African Heritage Sites.


Wasana Sirimalwatte

Utilization of Heritage Sites for Tourist Services


Zeina Elcheikh

Nubian Culture and Tourism


Zidane Halima, Belal Altamer

دور مشاركة المجتمع المحلي في عملية الحفاظ على التراث العمراني والمعماري

قصور مدن وادي ميزاب بالجزائر نموذجا



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